Practical injection and resuscitation training course for vaccine PGDs

Pharmacy PGD is closing. PGDs no longer valid after 10 May 2017. Practical training courses cancelled.

Pharmacy PGD is no longer providing practical training

Refunds for 2017 practical training courses paid for will be processed by administrators. Affected Pharmacists will be contacted.

Our practical vaccine training remains valid for one year after it was undertaken, but cannot be used with our vaccine PGDs after 10 May 2017, which are no longer valid (after 10 May 2017). You can download practical training certificates here.


Dear Member

It is with great regret we must inform you that Red Box Healthcare Ltd, trading as Pharmacy PGD, is no longer issuing certificates of PGD service provision and PGD certificates previously issued by us cease to be valid after 10 May 2017. Pharmacy PGD is closing for reasons beyond our control. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and lack of notice.

If you or your Pharmacists are using our PGDs you must STOP using them after 10 May 2017. The PGDs of Pharmacy PGD are not valid and must NOT be used after 10 May 2017. Pharmacists who continue to use our PGDs after 10 May 2017 would be contravening GPhC regulation. Up until 10 May 2017 our PGDs remain valid, but after 10 May 2017 they are not.

Superintendent Pharmacists / Pharmacy Owners have been contacted separately with details on how to claim refunds (details below).

Our practical vaccine training remains valid for one year after it was undertaken, but cannot be used with our vaccine PGDs after 10 May 2017, which are no longer valid after 10 May 2017.

For the next four weeks pharmacists can log into their account area on the Pharmacy PGD website to see their previous PGD eligibility and other account details, and download certificates. After 7 June 2017 pharmacists will need to apply by email if they need to see this information.

Refunds for PGD fees can be claimed by your organisation sending an email to info@pharmacypgd.co.uk before 7 June 2017. Claims made after this time will not be accepted. We will only accept claims which are emailed, not made by phone or posted. Any unpaid invoices you have received from us no longer need to be paid.

Claims for refunds for PGD fees must include the invoice number and date of invoice. If payment was made by BACS or cheque, please provide bank account details for the payment of the refund.

Refunds will be calculated for PGD Bundle or single PGD invoices dated less than 12 months old, multiplied by the fraction of 12 months since the date of the invoice. Eg: if an invoice for PGD fees is 6 months old 50% will be refunded.

We will email organisations with pharmacists who are booked onto practical training courses to arrange refunds if payment has already been made. There is no need to make a claim for practical training courses booked and paid for. All future practical courses are cancelled.

We will only refund payments for PGD fees (PGD Bundles or single PGDs), and for practical training paid for but not yet undertaken, not any other costs. Please see relevant part of the terms and conditions below:

"Refunds will be paid on request for periods of unexpired PGD fees if our PGDs become non-valid. Refunds will be for the amount paid for your PGD fees multiplied by the fraction of one year remaining unexpired. No additional refund will be paid to cover loss or inconvenience or as a penalty."

Pharmacies must continue to retain completed Patient Assessment Forms for the required period (8 years). Patients waiting for PGD treatment should be referred to their GPs or a specialist vaccination clinic. 

We would like to again apologise unreservedly for the situation this puts our members in. We understand our closure will be of significant inconvenience to our members and their customers but it is for reasons beyond our control. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years.

Yours sincerely

The Directors
Red Box Healthcare Ltd.