Terms and Conditions for Course Bookings

Pharmacy PGD is closing. PGDs no longer valid from 10 May 2017.


Fee: The fee specified on our website as being payable for the Course.

Material: Materials used for teaching (including slides; notes; handouts & CDs); reports, proposals and documents written by us; and other tools or documentation that we may use/develop/provide for the purpose or in the course of delivering the Course.

Course: The Course described on our website (including accreditation for the same should it either be mandatory or, where optional, you have selected it when booking) to which your booking relates.

We/our/us: Burrage Ayres Consultants LLP registered in England with number OC334813 and whose registered office is at 7 Clitherow Avenue London W7 2BJ AND Red Box Healthcare Ltd (Pharmacy PGD) registered in England with number 7336564 and whose registered office is at 114a Wellington Hill West, Bristol BS9 4QY.

You/your: The person who has booked the Course.

The agreement: We will deliver the Course at the times and in the manner set out on the web page from which you chose your booking and that will be subsequently confirmed by e-mail. We will provide the necessary resources and materials. You will pay the Fee, attend and use your best endeavours to satisfactorily complete the Course, and will read the online training documentation for the vaccine PGDs you intend to use prior to the course start date.

When is the contract made? Subject as described below for oversubscribed courses, the contract between us will be made when you have submitted your booking to us either on line, by post, by telephone or e-mail. This excludes waiting lists when the contract between us will be made when a place becomes available to you and you accept a place on a Course.

Oversubscribed courses: all Courses have a capacity limit for attendance. We operate a first come first served basis and aim to be fair. However where we receive bookings by both the website/telephone/email and post we reserve the right to reject a booking that will put the course over-capacity and in that event our cancellation policy will apply.

Payments: The Fee is payable when you book the Course and must be received within 2 weeks of booking date and no later than 7 days of the start date of the course. The Fee includes any VAT. If we charge you VAT as part of the Fee we will provide you with a VAT invoice.

Reduced fees for half day refresher training: The half day of refresher training is ONLY for those pharmacists who have provided a vaccination service before AND received practical training in the previous twelve month period. Satisfactory written evidence of this training including a certificate of completion and a copy of the course syllabus must be brought to the session attended, and can also be supplied to us beforehand via post or email. If you book for a half day and do not bring satisfactory evidence with you then we reserve the right to refuse admission, and if we do so then no refund will be given. If you would like us to confirm your evidence in advance then please contact us by e-mail: info@pharmacypgd.co.uk

Group bookings: You are responsible for the full payment of the Fees for all persons that you register for a Course. You must procure the agreement of those persons to the other terms set out in these Terms and Conditions.

Bookings where you ask us to invoice your organisation: We accept that you may be entitled to act as agent for your employer organisation when making bookings. Before making bookings where you ask us to invoice your organisation it is your responsibility to ensure that you are authorised by them to do this and that they are willing and able to pay the relevant Fees. However, in the event that you ask us to invoice your employer organisation and they refuse to pay then you must pay the Fees for all persons that you register for a Course.

Cancellation by you: Cancellation charges apply on a sliding scale dependent on the amount of notice given prior to the Course. These charges are as follows:

Notice givenCancellation fee
7 or more days Full refund
Less than 7 days   We reserve the right to charge 50% fee, if we cannot re-sell the place(s) on the course
Less than 3 days We reserve the right to charge 100% fee, if we cannot re-sell the place(s) on the course

Cancellation by us: We may cancel the Course or your booking for it by giving you notice by e-mail. If we do this we may offer you an alternative course, if you accept an alternative course then any Fees paid will be credited to that course instead. Otherwise we will give you a full refund. Where Force majeure is the reason for cancellation then the provisions for Force majeure set out below apply instead.

Non-attendance by you: you will not be entitled to attend a later course and no refund will be given. This applies irrespective of the reason for you not attending the Course. However, if we are satisfied that your non-attendance is for bona-fide reasons beyond your control and if we have an otherwise unsold place on a subsequent course then we may (but this is at our absolute discretion and so we are not in any way obliged to do this) offer that otherwise unsold place to you.

Copyright: We retain the copyright in all Materials. Without limitation on the generality of this copyright retention you may not pass copies of the Materials to any third party, or use the Materials other than as a post-Course reference source for your personal reference. Course materials will go out of date and it is your responsibility to ensure that they remain current before using them for personal reference after the Course.

Accreditation and academic standards: You are responsible for making the necessary effort and putting in the necessary time to complete the Course. Payment of the Fee is not a guarantee that you will pass and/or receive the academic credit for the Course. If you fail to complete the required work related to accreditation we reserve the right, after giving you due warning and opportunity to remedy the situation, to withdraw you from the accreditation process and if we do this then we will not, for the avoidance of doubt, give you a refund for the accreditation element of the Fee. If you fail to complete the required work to satisfactorily complete the Course we reserve the right, after giving you due warning and opportunity to remedy the situation, to expel you from the Course and if we do this then we will not, for the avoidance of doubt, give you a refund for the Fee.

Certificates: Certificates are issued digitally (PDF) and will only be issued on satisfactory completion of the Course and if all Fees and any other sums due to us have been paid by you. The digital certificate will be available to print from your My Account area of the www.pharmacypgd.co.uk website. If you require a printed certificate there is a £5 fee payable for each certificate.

Conduct: You agree to conduct yourself in a professional manner both in training sessions and tests, assessments and examinations. If you do not conduct yourself appropriately we reserve the right, after giving you due warning and opportunity to remedy the situation, to expel you from the Course and if we do this then we will not, for the avoidance of doubt, give you a refund for the Fee. Plagiarism or any form of cheating will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate expulsion from the Course without a refund of the Fee. Our full policy on plagiarism and cheating is available on request.

Data protection, confidentiality and use of information: We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office and full details of our data protection policy are available on request. We will not give or sell your details to third parties for marketing or other commercial purposes and we do not store payment information such as card details. We reserve the right to check professional registration details with the appropriate professional body in respect of courses that are only to be attended by bona-fide qualified healthcare professionals. Where your Course includes accreditation, you consent to your details being provided for the purposes of accreditation to our accrediting body or bodies who will be based in the UK. Fair dealing and use of data; (1) to maintain academic standards our training is subject to academic independent verification by or on behalf of our accrediting bodies which involves auditing and inspection of our training standards, tests, and marking of students' work and by booking with us you consent to your work forming part of this process; (2) where the Course is invoiced to an employer organisation, feedback on your performance on the Course may be shared with that employer organisation and in particular to the Superintendent Pharmacist or Pharmacist Owner and any administrators of the organisations account at www.pharmacypgd.co.uk; (3) if we become aware of criminal or other conduct in breach of professional standards we reserve the right to notify the authorities, your employer organisation, and/or your professional body.

Force majeure: We will not be liable to you for any delay to or non-delivery of the Course that arises from any matters outside our control including, without limitation, sickness, criminal acts, strikes, storm (or other severe weather), traffic accidents or car breakdowns, or suspension of or disruption to public transport. In the event of a delay to the Course due to force majeure we will endeavour to provide the Course on an alternative date (or dates), if we are unable to provide an alternative date within a reasonable time then we will give you a full refund.

Liability etc: To the extent permitted by law, we limit our liability to you under this agreement to the amount of the Fee invoiced by us and paid for by you. This agreement is subject to English law. It is not intended that any third party be entitled to enforce the provisions of this agreement by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

Personnel and subcontracting: The Course may be delivered by the partners (members) of Burrage Ayres Consultants LLP or our employees. You agree not to offer employment to any person providing the Course for us nor engage them on any basis for the provision of services similar or related to the Course. We may subcontract the provision of the Course but if, and to the extent that, we do this it does not absolve us from our liability to deliver the Course to you.

Other notes: Tea and coffee is provided during scheduled breaks. There will be sufficient time during a lunch break for attendees to purchase their own lunch either on-site (if available) or locally.